One think and another thing

  1. I saw Alex yesterday.  He greeted me with ZIZI! and a big smile, and insisted on kissing me goodbye.  I now know where his daycare is and have met his caregiver Miss Stephanie. Prior to that Katie and Paul and I walked the Quay.
  2. Katie and I are getting together on Tuesday to take an online course together and plot our next career move. I’m thinking LPN and she’s thinking trainer, and I dunno about that but whatever.
  3. I learned that my chronically dry eyes have symptomatic support and no cure.  The dryness is starting to damage the surface of my eye.  I have to use hot compresses and drops. I will be getting more data in 10 days’ time. I have a new prescription and of course the glasses I paid 400 bucks a piece for don’t have the progressive part done properly. I don’t know if Keith did them or not but I’m a little choked and I won’t be spending money at that eye care place any more. I was already choked for the replacement cost of the frames.
  4. Due to the historic windstorm anticipated for exactly the same time as the Retirement Party, it has now been re-skedded to November 26, which not very coincidentally will allow Turkey Day celebrating Americans to join us, which would be Macklemore-category awesome.
  5. Still going to take a bit of a break from writing and try to fill my artist cup a bit.

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