Sneers with scorn

So Nick Kouvalis got himself kicked off Kelly Leitch’s campaign, only to have John Tory, Mayor of Toronto, spring to his defense?  Bleaugh. I mocked him on twitter and then he got fired, but I don’t think the two events are connected.  If they are, go me. Just so’s you know, I support Maxime Bernier, who has a sense of humour without being a complete er gendered slur.

I referred to Kellyanne Conway as a bonebag.  Go me.

Breaking up is hard to do, once you’re yoked to the Feds, or maybe not.

I’m sleeping TOO MUCH.  Having to shovel snow every fucking time I’m awake prob’ly has something to do with this. Now it’s time to eat my dinner at the office.

As soon as this flurry of work settles down I’ll be editing book#2 for the last pass prior to epublication.


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