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Transit to work has improved greatly over the last week or so; now if I catch the 10:30 bus I’m at work ten minutes early, so that’s one slick commute.

We got a little snow early Sunday morning but it’s mostly gone now.

In about half an hour I’m going to nuke up my leftovers from this morning’s brekkie at IHOP, thank you Jeff! I’ve also started taking in my own cocoa powder to work; I make it up with skim milk powder so it reminds me of the dishwater cocoa we used to get served at lunch when we were kids in Ottawa.

Some fun at the Oscars! I never watch, but announcing the wrong movie winning is pretty effed up. And Bill Pullman is dead, cue the Game Over Man jokes <<<<< bad joke it's really Bill Paxton. He was only a couple of years older than me, so that's just crappy all around. All my laundry is done! Now to put it away, which seems to be the part I never can do. Otto is looking at me reproachfully. But I am working seriously on edits, and I've finished part 1 of Upsun, and will continue to hack away at it tonight.

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