work eat sleep rinse repeat

Actually, there was some new ScandiNoir in there. But seriously folks, what with allergy season starting I’m pretty much flattened in the brains department. BrO was shaking his head at my frequently loser points – lost my phone, misplaced my glasses, misplaced my phone aGAIN.

And still it feels like….

I have gotten to the halfway point editing Sweep Off Those Waves. The writing’s picked up thank god it’s no longer quite as lugubrious.

Here’s some amusing film news for Jeff.

In less than salubrious news, the hopelessly racist source material of Hugh Lofting’s Doolittle books is going to make Robert Downey Jr. even richer than he already is. Yeah I know Eddie Murphy was involved in remakes, and it doesn’t take the stink off the source material.