Goijng into New Westminster to see if somebody who answered my craigslist ad will make music with me. Pretty much expecting to get stood up, but after last night’s amazing filk at Cindy’s place I don’t feel sad; I had more praise for my songwriting talent in 2 hours than I normally get in a year. And people who know my songs were looking smug, that was fucking hilarious on its own.

Cindy was in glorious voice and she forced me to sing Lady of Komarr the bad gal when I had no frickin lyrics.

I have decided to name one of the chapters in Honey on the Moon “swerving cars taking heavy fire” just so I can make myself another awesome action scene – done the way I like it. I think …. I think Michel and Kulwant should be in that scene, dunno why. Maybe coming back from the port? mmmm