Good morning world

Alex is here, snoozing next to me in the guest room. He doesn’t like this room because the wifi is slow.

In a minute I’ll get up and make coffee, and then he’ll wake up and we’ll go to Timmy Ho’s and afterwards call GGma.

I had a lovely phone conversation with Ruth; she and Lois are coming in early December. I gave her the info for the motel closest to the Junction; it’s literally walking distance away. I really love this part of Burnaby New West for being the right amount of density to sustain useful businesses; everything is walking distance.

I took Paul for a mall walk yesterday (it was assfreezing cold although brilliantly clear) and Paul said a couple of things that gave me a lovely sense that whatever is going on with him, he’s still Paul. He said that sky – that cold blue cloudless bowl – reminded him of Montréal in the wintertime. And when I said how much I was looking forward to seeing Ruth and Lois, he gave a beatific smile and said, “They are two of my favourite people.”