a few diary items

Went to Paul’s, helped for about thirty seconds with dejunking, mostly talked about trip planning with Keith. Took Paul on various errands including banking, shopping and buying himself a treat. Paul insisted on purchasing egg bread and lemon tarts for Jeff which I delivered…. I should probably fetch out the rest of the treats that are currently lurking in my purse and let Jeff find them. I’m helping him with the egg bread, but the lemon tarts are all his.

144 words, Wordle in 3, ghastly (again) Lumosity. I’m either so stressed I can’t think straight (I don’t feel that way) or there’s something going weird at the brain level. I had very brief issues with my left hand a couple of days ago; migraine or TIA who the hell knows, I sure don’t. I did all the normal things at the time, smiled and raised my arm, both of which worked. Speaking has been gross – words disappear as I grab them for the queue. Jeff has been wondering I’m sure.

We’re already through four series of Endeavour, can you believe it. Love the show. The music, scripts, acting and mise en scène are all stellar.

Less than ten days to the Celebration of Life for Jim Palmer. As with all journeys, I am in worry mode.

RIP Moon Bin. He was a Korean pop star of whom I know nothing, except that he was 25 and those lads and lasses are under so much pressure to perform smiling and keep working that it’s no surprise they buckle. He apparently took his own life. I just hope none of his fans choose to join him.


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