Helped Suzanne clip Lucky’s claws. LUCKY IS AN AWESOME CAT. He has all catly features AND HE FETCHES HIS STRAWBERRY most assiduously. She has a lovely large airy apartment just off Kingsway, really close to where Mike lives.

On the obverse of the coin of like, Dave D’s Mookie is poorly in a number of ways although he’s still drinking and will be going to the vet next week. I spoke to Dave yesterday and on top of his current challenges (temperature outside changing 35 degrees C in a single day not being one of them but WOOF it got hot after the deep freeze, got to 29 degrees above yesterday in TO, August will be scorching!) this is going to press him until it’s sorted out.

D Roti Shak for supper and now, after I make coffee, breakfast. Their aloo IS SO GOOD.

Wordle in 3, 1 top 5 in Lumosity, a few little words, but mostly I watched TV and kept to myself yesterday after I got back from Suzanne’s. Called Katie to tell her I love her and what stuff her dad got rid of.


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