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Wordle in three, Lumosity scores tanking continues, dishes washed and put away, load of laundry currently drying, and 450 words on the new fan fic.

NO FUCKING COFFEE AT CHURCH THIS AM. Do I really need to say anything else? Although to see Rev. Brian Kiely in the pulpit after so long an interval was truly wonderful for me. Keith and I had quite a conversation driving home (we bailed on the congregational financial discussion). I’m still ringing with it and will process in due course. I donned: Bra, <— this is for my mOm, I don’t care what anyone else thinks and I’m laughing as I type this <— Hanes “Leaky Girl” absorbent knickers (cause I don’t want to laugh nervously and…. widdle) lavender hose, Dayglo lime baby Grogu earrings, midi length maroon dress, mandolin pin, slicked back hair.

Still fucked up about the family meeting. I’m so sad and scattered about it. And it’s 450 bucks to rent a storage space. I shouldn’t put my name on the lease but I’ll need it myself soon enough.

HOWEVER that said Jeff is being encouraging and rational (always a superb combination when one is woff-wobbling.) Life proceeds and there are still yuks to be had and thoughts to be thunk, and I’m comfy as these things go. Keith wanted me to go back with him and I’m NO I DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH LONGER I’LL BE THIS COMFY I WANT MY COMPUTER AND MY TEACUP AND MY PRETENCE AT NORMALCY and damn but that stung. Also, like I keep saying, there’s no heat in their all concrete building so…. it’s a freaking meat locker. Ryker would have been there but I was already peopled out.


Still feel gross. I am sure this is all psychological. I sure don’t feel like eating.


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