Pollen is high

The cedar and juniper are in full burst, but the alder has died back a little so I can think again. Whatever’s blooming right now has stuck Jeff under a thumbtack of blankness. Why can’t we get a cold nap LOL and freeze some of this gunk out of the air?

Oh well, it’s going to rain all weekend (at times ‘heavily’ so I guess we’ll have to check the back drain at some point). So perhaps we shall get some relief.

Sounds like me and Keith are going to church this weekend.

Dishwasher’s running, trained Buster, made peppermint tea for Jeff, got dressed, took my meds, reheated coffee, brushed my teeth.

Lumosity 1 top 5 score, wordle in 4, no words. Dejunking and organizing stuff for the garage sale. I wrote the ad for the garage sale and sent it off to Keith and Kate for word approval (since they live in that house). Once they approve it I’ll talk to their downstairs neighbours.



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