Dishwasher emptied, sink zero

Kitchen’s tidier than it’s been ages, lol, it won’t stay that way alas.

Couldn’t get the wordle this morning, and given that the word was MUSIC I’m feeling right pissed off.

I’ve always thought I could tell the good ones from the bad ones but good god Russell Brand is a turd. I had something nice to say about him in 2013 but I edited that to update my blog.

no heroes only comrades

Survey Sunday asks: How be ye on this fair day!?

Survey – animals

What is your favourite:

Wild Mammal

Domestic animal







Literary beast?






my answers:

Snow Leopard or Pink fairy armadillo tied for this one


Galapagos tortoise

Spring Peeper

Sasquatch and Nessie tied for this one

Tomentose Burying Beetle

Phidippus johnsoni

I am rather fond of dimetrodons



What’s the best advice you ever got

In this inaugural Sunday Survey…

What’s the best advice you ever received? If that’s too big, how about

for your health?

for your relationships?

for your career?

regarding your creativity?

re your pets?

re your schooling?

re money?

re gift ideas?

from a dream?

from a book?

Now think about the person who gave you that advice, and think about how it was given, and if that had anything to do with why you wanted to take it.

Send a brief thanks out into the world in that person’s honour, and resolve to be that kind of person.