221 words yesterday

Not much but Little By Little I guess.

Raining very hard here for quite a while, it’s ever so dreary outside.  All I want to do is jump in the car, drive to the place of foodicles and buy 200 DOLLAR WORTH OF JUNK FOOD AND NOMschlurpNOMNOMschlurpGROWLshlurp IT ALL DOWN NAAAAOW!

I get to see Alex tomorrow.

Margot appears to have completely recovered from her surgery.  Her eyes are bright and her demeanour normal.

I think I have fixed my laptop overheating problem with Jeff’s input.  I knocked down everything in Chrome that could be heating things up in the background and now my average running temperature is literally 30 degrees C cooler than it was day before yesterday.  This means my laptop is no longer likely to just DIE abruptly although I’m sure it shortened the life of both the battery and the CPU.


Full breakfast, no words

I didn’t write at all yesterday but that’s because I was too busy napping and getting fed and irrigated.  I am now awaiting brekky at Mike’s place, having consumed my morning cawfay.  Mike took yesterday off, which is good because he was feeling crappy.

Starting to feel healthier now that I’m not welded into my beddy bye.  You can make neck muscles either seize or hypertrophy and that affects your carotid arteries which is not to put too fine a point on it hard on your brain.  Immediate result my low level migraine crap has more or less stopped, yay.

This was the view from Taverna Greka yesterday.

View from Taverna Greka Nov 2015



Rain wind and firecrackers

We had lots of it all. No goblins though, I couldn’t handle candy dispersal.

Margot is missing the lower fang that was abscessed but she is MUCH  better today.  She is very much enjoying how much soft food she’s getting but I’m not cause that stuff REEKS.

288 words yesterday.

A tropical storm has formed in the Pacific which is headed straight to Yemen.  Current forecasts indicate that four to five times the annual rainfall will come down in a 48 hour period; given that Yemen is one of the most vile places to live in the world on any number of scales, (yes, the people have a tradition of hospitality, it’s true) and suffering from a multi-faceted insurgency, messed over by Saudi handouts, jammed with internal refugees, I suspect many people are going to be wiped out in flash floods both financially and literally.

Those weird trees in Socotra may come down. I have the weirdest ideas about what is important.

488 words yesterday

Not enough production to send stuff off to mOm, but some, anyway.  Had the worst burger in many years at Anny’s.  I SHOULD HAVE HAD THE PUTIN. I mean poutine.  I mean the smoked meat sammie.  Anything but what I ate.

The food was not cooked with love.

I shouldn’t complain, a friend took me out to dinner.

MY WRITING DESK IS SET UP.  Yay? The wireless barely works there, and yet it’s less than two metres from where I usually surf.

Happy Halloween for those who care.  I’m not participating this year. It’s the new Grinch look on me, what do you think?

500 words yesterday

I was too worried about Margot, who is recovering nicely, to do more. Lovely walk and lunch and music and Margot fetching with Paul in the afternoon while it wasn’t raining.

Jeff had an encounter with a skunk this morning when he went to fetch Margot soft food.  Fortunately his kindness was not rewarded with a (E )-2-butene-1-thiol and 3-methyl-1-butanethiol cocktail.

I’ve already written some this morning, so that makes me happy.



I’m off to feed Ayesha.

Margot is having her teeth cleaned and her abscess drained on Thursday.  I didn’t even know she had anything wrong with her until the vet pointed it out last week.

Took Katie driving yesterday. She’s going to be a fine driver but needs the practice.  I had a super brief encounter with Alex; it takes him a while to warm up to me but he was smiling and running and kicking a ball to me within minutes.  As usual I made no attempt to pick him up.

592 words yesterday on a subject dear to my heart.

More insomnia

I managed to go back to bed and wake up around 8 but I feel blerllghly or some analog of that word.

Paul has loaned me his car while he and Keith are in London ON.  I will go get some groceries shortly.

A couple of hundred words.  I really feel like I’m getting my money’s worth from this toothpaste tube.

Definitely maybe

I’ve been walking in the lovely October sunshine – more walkies with Paul yesterday afternoon at the Quay, plus yummy tortilla soup, and then more writing, just a drib around 100 words but very promising.  Any interactions between Michel and Theo are always welcome, and this one promises to amuse while advancing Theo’s new goal in life.  Most of the characters have been approaching me and asking me to stop giving them dialogue they wouldn’t actually say.

New addition to the Blogroll, Eclectic Explorations.

Sundry thoughts

I think I have thought my way out of the box. The writing box.  We shall see.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  Yes, WHY would I ask you to watch this remarkable 16 minute video….  Well, it’s like a 16 minute preview of the election campaign. Everybody thinks Justin Trudeau is a lightweight going into the fight.  Watch and be unintentionally impressed.  This is a fight for charity.  There are SO many interesting little tidbits in this fight and in the commentary and byplay, I will be watching it again for sure.  I knew about it and Shirley on fb already told me to watch it but Mike showed it last night.

Pork chops, cannelloni beans and onions in the crockpot for supper – I took a bunch over to Mike for dins.  (It was SUPER TASTY) He had beer!  Also, the pummelling – my shoulders are MUCH better this morning.

Magnanimous in victory, unrepentant in defeat.  That’s how I hope to be in any contest.

Super weird dreams.  There was a WALL OF COMIC BOOKS. and the teenager had to be told we could not escape across the desert with all of them.  AND I had to wash dishes first, while everybody else messed off to play with the Van de Graaf Generator. The great big sparky thing, not the noted prog rock band from the 60’s and 70’s which reformed in this millennium and occasionally still plays.

Hurricane Patricia is exceeding strong and is going to beat up parts of the US. It’s already registering off the charts for windspeed.  The last time something this big made landfall 6300 people died in the Philippines although to be fair if the authorities had taken the NOAA warnings and those of their own weather scientists seriously and done the math regarding the storm surge there would have been fewer dead.

I am covered in powdered sugar.  I walked back in the cool predawn and grabbed a couple of croissants for me and Jeff for brekky.

Took Miss Margot yesterday to get her shots and a brief checkup.  She HATES ME TODAY and she has a tooth abscess I have to get dealt with.  Also, she DOES have fleas but not too bad.

I think I am working on a new tune.  I’ll get back to you on that.


Walk plus roti

I had the curried potatoes, and chickpeas over pigeon peas and rice with a couple of Red Stripes, and Paul had shrimp curry over same, and one Red Stripe.

We walked there and back – a bit more than 2 k roundtrip. There’s a nice little restaurant row there.  It was Wednesday, so Spring Garden, the newish Chinese restaurant on 12th south of 10th Avenue, is closed. Otherwise I would have been thinking Dim Sum.

Anyhoo, 247 words today, all on the backyard scene.


I voated

Once again I have fallen off the registry list which is tedious, but reregistering is a snap so.

Jeff and I walked down together a little after 8:30.

I have finally reported the dead vehicle on my street (no tags since August 2014) to Parking Enforcement.  It’s not like the street is crawling with parking spaces for the number of cars we have.

92 words yesterday.

OH IT WAS SO GOOD TO SEE ALEX.  I have forwarded some video to the Great She Elephant.

HE LET ME PICK HIM UP twice – I pointed him at a light switch to play with.  After 30 seconds he got squirmy.

Also, he was refusing to nap so I took him outside so he could get really really upset and nurse himself to sleep, a mean trick which worked.