singing and playing

mah gob it’s like pulling teeth sometimes to get Paul to play, and it’s so lovely when he does get going.

I played When I Go (that is a Dave Carter tune of course; I play it on Otto. IT IS A MOTHERFUCKER TO MEMORIZE so long and complex and dicks around with scansion in a couplawkward places plus it makes ally me squirm, the way it so obviously worms its way through FNMI ‘style’ images, and the tune and lyrics are still really compelling and she was a trans woman who died so abruptly that whatever name she chose for herself is not easily learned and I want to remember her that way and have to deadname her instead). Worked through My Needle and I twice because a) Paul loves it and b) eez so frickin short for him to get any practice on it gotta go through it again. Played the extendamix version of Clem’s Walk so Paul could noodle and it was wonderful.

Found out that when I play the three chord walkup for Here They Come,  the A and E strings on the other side of the bridge ARE IN TUNE and they make an awesome ‘tinny threatening fifth’ which, if I move my goddamned arm as fast as the mofo will go, I can squirrel in between runs. Let’s just say that it sounds both good and funny enough that Paul kept cracking up.

Then I made him play 2&20 Blues and noodled on that (how I love that it was written by a woman), and Gentle Arms of Eden (another Carter tune) and noodled on that, and one of the Air Force songs, pOp, I can’t remember which one but you would have been pleased.

And more yet.

I wasn’t even going to write about going to Paul’s to sing and play and then remembered that people need to be reminded that if they want to get good at something they have to practice.

Keith texted me about going to see Black Panther soon. With Katie. Fuck that would be SO SO AWESOME to do that, make it a family event we can all experience at the same time.

Sushi afterward.


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