sweeet sixteen

Katie is sixteen!!! We all sat around last night and watched Shrek, which was lots of fun, and then I read the kids the “breathing” meditation. It’s amazing how I’ve known Katie rather well for sixteen years and never knew that she has no visualization ability. There are about thirty different visualization exercises in the meditation and Keith was able to do all of them without any difficulty and Katie could do about three. She could visualize being a bird, and being able to exhale fire and dry up the whole ocean, but everything else it was just a case of listen to the words.

Paul found the meditation exceedingly hard work. I’m going to have to have somebody read it to me at some point, because I think it would be very interesting.

One of the people I respect the most at church is having health problems and I am lighting a candle for him.

Since there has been a tremendous dearth of cute animal pictures on my site, here is a baby rhino. Attribution is on the side of the picture.

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