Bowling for Youth Group

I’ll be showing Bowling for Columbine to the youth group tonight. I am very much looking forward to a couple of the segments I enjoyed the most the first time I watched it. I am also going to be printing out the names of the people who were killed so we can memorialize them.

Lil’ Kate has agreed to help clean up, then she’s going to Larry’s funeral. Sigh.

An acquaintance of hers killed herself about six months ago, and her last MSM message to her friend was a request to wear bright colours at the funeral. Apparently Larry is going to be in an open casket. This is really harsh, there was substantial head trauma; but Katie will be there with adult friends as well as Samantha, and I’ll talk to her about it when she gets home. I’ve only been to one open casket funeral in my life, that of my former father-in-law. I’m not convinced they are barbaric, but they are difficult to manage in a world that really dodges death as much as this one. Apparently the person responsible was a young man who was changing lanes in an intersection, and apparently charges have been laid for vehicular manslaughter or whatever the equivalent is if that’s not the right legal term. What a world.

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