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Brother James from our Eastern Climes (he asked me what I should give the visiting POTUS and I said nothing, Homeland Security already hates me) has yet another story about why you should NOT dick around with intelligent people. pOp, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one….over to Brother James

A friend of mine here in Ottawa just got let go from his job of five years. In the five years, he had acquired a fair number of t-shirts, jackets, hats, pens, etc., with his old company’s name and logo. Well, he didn’t want to wear the stuff (editor’s note: Dja figure?) but he didn’t want to put it in the trash either. So he washed all the clothes and headed down to the missions. He stood outside the missions and handed the gear out to the less fortunate.

About a month later, while waiting for the bus in the financial district, he saw a homeless person going through the trash while wearing his jacket and hat. He turned to the nearest suit wearing person at the bus stop and pointed out the homeless person. “You know, that used to be a great company, and now the employees have to get food out of the trash.”



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