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My buddy Ron sent me 5 rather messy photos of what happens when an exotic reptile takes shelter in a car’s engine compartment. Thanks, I think. However, I asked for CUTE animal pictures, not outtakes from Peter Jackson’s first film. No, I won’t post them until I have a members’ log on to my site. Did I say that I was going to have my very own email address at this site, and so you can start emailing me and telling me what a sick little baby seal I am? and there will be a PRIVATE MEMBERS ONLY section where we can live in our own little world?

The snake pix were educational though, and I heartily concur with Ron’s conclusion that people should avoid exotic pets. No Pythons besides Monty was how he put it.

Went dancing with Maria, Mike, Victoria and Paul last night at the Rowing Club in Stanley Park, one of my favourite places to dance as the dance floor is … well… sprung. And Night Shift, the band, was smokin’.

My webmeister is going to be coming over on Sunday, and once I load him up with food and beer he’s going to review my site fer ickyness and bogosity, and I’m going to beta test some calendar software that will make AllegraSloman.com the premiere destination site for my friends and relations; you will be able to schedule damned near anything from anywhere and you can publicly post events etc from anywhere on the web. Maybe. We’ll see. I can’t promise more than I can deliver, but it’s a nice looking bit of software, and not too dear.

I got my must on. Paul, because he is a god among men, JUICED ALL THOSE FREAKING PEARS YESTERDAY. Many thanks to our wonderful, supportive and friendly neighbours for providing the juicer. It apparently went through the pears like the noisy whirling and registered trademark cartoon character. Then he went out and bought about $60 worth of winemaking equipment and we are GOING TO HAVE PEAR WINE. From our very own tree! The must tastes FanTastic so I have high hopes. Just finished scrubbing and rinsing the primary and am waiting for the first batch of juice to just come to a boil.

Later today off to eat at Tomato’s (yeee haw!!! it’s a really really good restaurant with GREAT waitstaff and not too dear) and clack and flap my elephant sized ears with my cherished compadres from the Dunnett group. Our gatherings are called SPITS and it’s complicated to explain, you’ll just have to take it as it is. THEN WE GO BOOK SHOPPING. Sh. Don’t tell Paul. I’m supposed to get rid of two books for every one I bring into the house. Yeah right!!!! Derisive snorts of middleaged woman, ha!

Then, if everything goes really well, I’ll feel energetic enough to go to a pub and walk into yet another group of strangers and expect to feel a welcome. We shall see. There are no fewer than 4 groups of people or individuals who may lay claim to my time this evening. Generally in a situation like that Paul wins. It’s easier, and I can see where I’m gonna sleep. Besides, did I mention he’s a god among men? And that’s with his clothes on! (Evil laughter….)

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