Holes fixed

I came home from work last night and the holes in my kitchen ceiling had been filled. Unca Dave and Paul have been bery bery busy trying to get everything organized for insulating the attic (very necessary given what’s happening to fuel prices) and the back steps.

Katie was at Sam’s last night but (omg!) phoned to let me know, leaving a message on the machine as I was likely out cold when she called. Very foggy this morning, but it will likely burn off.

Board meeting last night was quite productive but they sure have a lot of work in front of them and it will be interesting to see if they can fill the gap between the canvass and the budget AND buy a building. It’s been an interesting exercise, and it doesn’t help that the folks selling the church building are flatly refusing to put a price on it. We shall see what is and isn’t too rich for the congregational blood. I abstained from discussion seeing as how I won’t be around to live with the consequences.

I hope everybody has a peaceful Remembrance Day, and I pray for the living and the dead of Fallujah, the Ivory Coast, and the 30 or so other hotspots in the world today.

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