love for sale

I am now reading a book on the History of Prostitution called Love for Sale. It is very interesting, but sort of all over the place.

If I was a dirty rotten skunk, I could post a picture of the chairman of my company participating in a mud pie eating contest yesterday. As I am a skunk, but not a low down dirty rotten one, I will just leave you to savour that I have the picture. I have the perfect bloody caption and can’t use it. The frustration is killing me, but I must learn to be at peace with what I cannot change.


End of term madness at my kids’ school… must get off computer now as it is being used for higher, more educational purposes. Looks like Katie’s math course is toast, due to the accident and having the world’s noisiest classmate but she should pass Socials. Keith should pass both of his classes. Excelsior!

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