P up a Tree

I always thought that humans have pretty weird notions of how to establish reproductive fitness; reciting poetry, skateboarding, amassing piles of cash and real estate in the absence of need, being good at grinding the faces of the poor, collecting debts for the mob, wearing really really tight and semi opaque clothing while clanking with bling, getting breast augmentation, being able to belch Archbishop of Canterbury all in one go, nude beach volleyball, Nascar racing, etc etc, but I have to admit male pandas for sheer creativity have got us all beat.

Male pandas establish who’s da man by peeing up trees. The higher the urinary fountain, the more impressed the ladies are by his athletic and excretory prowess. Pictured here, caught on camera for the first time, is a male panda showing everything he has got in one diuretic display of headstanding glory.

This does not exactly qualify as a “cute” animal pic, but it sure as hell got my attention when first I viewed it. Stolen from the BBC website, no photo attribution.

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