xmas free zone

I don’t imagine I’ll be able to avoid Christmas entirely, but I am hoping to keep it as Christmas free as possible this year. To that end, please be advised that I am not buying Christmas presents for anybody except my kids, my parents and my brother. I am not expecting or hoping for anything to come my way; unless the prezzie fairy feels like dumping a hot tub with all the trimmings into my back yard. World peace would be nice. And maybe a winning lottery ticket for my old man, so he can spend his twilight years on top of the largest pile of tech toys in history.

My coworker Mr. G. said that he was at an athletic tournament in Alaska just before Xmas one year, and as he’s relaxing in the motel, Santa came on TV advertising a Beretta – on special for Xmas. You have to admit it’s quite the image. There’s more than one way to punish naughty children…. Lump of coal, my fundament!!!

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