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2005-05-22— Posted by: allegra

I’ll start with the best possible news: Winky, who has been seen twice on this blog, has returned to her home in East Vancouver. She was gone for about three or four days. Mike, the man who slaves to support her in the style to which she has become accustomed, was a VERY unhappy man when she disappeared, and so I yelped for joy when he held her up to the phone (purring loudly) upon her return. Keith and Kate were also very happy… Winky is a superior feline, very friendly and smart.

Last night Paul and Ana held their first wedding anniversary celebration on a chartered yacht in and around Stanley Park. It was an open bar! I’d be scared to do that with my friends, so I have to hand it to them. I have never actually heard Lilli Marlene done in polka tempo before. It absolutely peed sheets of rain, but it was plenty warm and congenial inside. Everything about the evening was perfect. Mind you, I kept thinking about how I’d do it differently, and I kept fixing Paul with a basilisk stare and saying things like You Know Our Twenty Fifth Anniversary is coming up. God, twenty-five years. Sounds, I don’t know, cosying up to decreptitude, dude. It was a lovely time anyway and a total class act, just like Paul and Ana. And all of their friends and relatives were complete sweethearts, including three kids (nieces and nephew to Paul) who live in Georgia (Kurtis 9, ? 7 and Faith 4). Faith made me laugh so hard I just about hurt myself. I had loaned her a pen so she could start to entertain herself. She laboriously wrote something out on her place-card and handed it to me to read. It was a very long assortment of consonants, with the letter U at the end. I owned as how I didn’t know what it said and asked her what it said and she widened her already enormous blue eyes and said, sweetly, “I can’t read.” Her sister and I killed ourselves laughing. I’m glad I spent some time talking to them, they were wonderful kids.

Cooked a big restaurant style breakfast this morning with the four of us. Very pleasant.

Hey Brooke, I dreamed about you last night. We were in an orbital station and you were trying to run along one wall and ‘fly a kite’ behind you. None of the rest of the dream involved lemming tarts, though.

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