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2005-05-23— Posted by: allegra

The sun is bobbing in and out of visibility, the wind is blowing pretty hard, but it isn’t currently raining, thank heavens. May 24 weekend in this part of the world is almost invariably damp, but this weekend was REALLY wet. I just jumped – there was a bird strike against the front room window, but the bird appears to have recovered and flown off. I am very much enjoying not having to do anything aor go anywhere, and my laundry is all done.

The only thing I was thinking of doing today was making some food in advance of the working week. Sausage rolls come to mind.

I may also do some weeding – the ground is so wet the weeds practically leap out of the ground when you tug on them.

Tom and Peggy fed us dinner last night… Paul cooked up salmon on cherry wood charcoal again. Really really really good. I have had salmon a lot of ways, but barbecued over cherry wood charcoal is definitely my favourite. And Mike J was there with Agnes, and they brought brie (!!!) and shrimp skewers (!!!). (That was for my mother’s benefit). Once again we were damned near too stuffed to sing. Satya and John brought accordion and mandolin respectively. Next time I’m going to insist that we tune before we start singing.

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