canadian lord of the ring

You have to be Canadian to get this
2005-05-25— Posted by: allegra

Thanks to Brooke for the pic, and, like I said, this is a Canuck thing.

enough sleep
2005-05-25— Posted by: allegra

Finished the edging last night, and Keith finished mowing the lawn. My lawn looks better than at any point since I moved in. Then Katie and I went for a walk to 7-11 so I could get root beer, because I had a terrible craving (after I got so sweaty) for a root beer float. So I actually got something resembling enough exercise yesterday, slept like a bear and now feel, you know, chipper.

I think I’m going to buy a club for the car at lunch. I don’t trust the goddamned parking lot attendants now I have a later model car. Yes, Subaru gone and 2002 Echo in hand.

I light a candle for TomandPeggy’s Prius. It ‘was making a funny smell and the warning lights were on’. John’s comment. “How binary! Can’t the gauge at least tell you HOW wrong things are?”

John gave my dad a puzzle of a submarine chasing Argus aircraft. I intend to do it when next I am at the folks’ which should be early June.

Found this at a hideous right wing site
2005-05-25— Posted by: allegra

I emailed the soi-disant editrix to ask her precisely what journalizm awards she had won… after all, she called herself an award winning journalist … and she never responded. From this I must speculate that she actually won a journalists’ drinking contest and man, if she can do that, she can crawl with her head held high.

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