Have fun.
2005-05-24— Posted by: allegra

not enough sleep
2005-05-24— Posted by: allegra

Just got back from, where they have a link to something called Lunch. I couldn’t really understand what was happening – although it was funny – until the lead character ripped off his shirt. This one goes out to all my coworkers.

I am entirely blah. In fact, I am now getting the idea that I am no longer actually seeing anything in colour.

We have a new used car. The Subaru is gone and we have a 2002 Toyota Echo instead.

I am thinking about the Mary Prankster line “**** the next ten years and just go to sleep” as being my mantra for the day.

Coming to a compost heap near you
2005-05-24— Posted by: allegra

Haven’t posted a decent nature picture in ages, so herewith the beautiful Coprinus plicatilis, a relative of the shaggy mane. The biggest one is only the size of a dime. Leo was startled to open his compost bin (he lives in Kanata) and find these guys.

They are actually quite common throughout north America, but they deliquesce within hours, so it’s no surprise he hasn’t seen them. Aren’t they a lovely colour? Oh, and for all you mycophiles, I know I can’t make a positive identification without a spore print, but I spent a pleasant hour in the bath just now, poring over my Kibby’s Mushrooms and other Fungi, and it’s definitely da one, based on the description of where it grows and the finely pleated cap and the colour and the size.

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