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2005-05-07— Posted by: allegra

I woke this morning with a joke. That’s never happened to me before, and it was kind of startling. As I came to consciousness, I thought, “If there’s skullduggery, is there cantankery, and is there gin involved?” I immediately passed this on to Paul, who snorted.

Jeff is off at his buddy’s place, and will proceed from there as a member of the wedding party. Funny thing though, he left the gifts here so he must be coming back.

Paul and I had a simply lovely walk through the neighbourhood last night. I didn’t want to walk all the way down to Dinosaur Rock, so we strolled through the alleys and back ways of Burnaby between here and Robert Burnaby park, and were much rewarded because there were hardly any barking dogs (I like dogs, but not when they sound like their biting decision tree is flopping between my ankle and my throat) and every blossoming shrub is divine. There’s a purple wisteria down on 18th that covers a third of the front of the house; the trunk of it is six inches (15 cm) across at the base. I could smell it before I could see it, and stood there poleaxed, looking around wildly, trying to figure out where the heavenly scent was coming from. Then Paul said, (understatement) “I think this is it,” and even he could smell it (Paul has virally triggered anosmia, which I don’t recommend). Then we saw flowering shrubs with totally bizarre, flat, butterfly shaped, ice cream white flowers, have no idea what they were (no scent) and then in against a fence, a white wisteria, and we had a nice long chat with the woman who rescued it from the dumpster at a garden center. She had a fine, small, pale purple clematis that had self-started in the garage doorway, which she was very fond of as it was quite hardy. Then her rescued animal companion (detecting a trend about this woman), a rotund kitty with a white and tabby pattern reminiscent of Zeek!’s, came out and viewed us. Somebody was playing Bhangra drums live so we went to check where the sound was coming from and Paul admired the new Camaro parked out front, saying that it was a nice looking vehicle. The drums stopped just as we arrived in front of the building.

Pic is of wisteria, borrowed from the website.

Muppets bought by Disney
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Now THIS is punchy entertainment news mixed with commentary. Hi YAH!

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