happy exhaustion of the florists day

Happy Exhaustion of the Florists Day
2005-05-08— Posted by: allegra

so…. anyway…. My mother’s day consisted of finding out that Paul was going flying and not likely to be back much before 4 pm. If I’m lucky. I wanted an arbor for Mother’s Day. No car, no arbor.

We have broken down and decided to turn our lawn over to the professionals. When Nutrilawn phoned me back, they asked me how I could help them and I said, “It is possible that I have the single most disastrous lawn in East Burnaby,” at which point Paul said, mumbling in the background, “Who the hell are you talking to?”

Jeff is here but about to go out to see Sin City (the movie, I hasten to add) with Keith. The other Sin City was last night but I was at Lexi’s party, and frankly, that was a way better deal. That leaves me, John and Katie to go get dimsum (typed dimsun, which sounds like God installed a dimmer switch on that big ball of gas whose gravitas is so warm). Katie went out… if she’s not back in ten minutes we’re leaving without her, which means that nobody from my immediate family will be joining me for a mother’s day repast in a restaurant. This is so typical of my life these days that it hardly deserves comment, but I’ll give it one anyway…. WAH!.

Some of the herbs I planted in the front have come up but I don’t know what they are.

Katie came back so we’re going to walk over to Chong Lum Hin and suck back food.

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