doggo in space

dogs in space
2005-05-10— Posted by: allegra

I can’t claim the dog wasn’t hurt… but I read body language, and something tells me (like the presence of a fixed cockpit camera) that this wasn’t his ‘first time’. If you can’t find it here, google the file name. It’s definitely worth seeing.

store wars
2005-05-10— Posted by: allegra

As a general rule, I don’t send links to commercials. However, this one is quite amusing. Watch Cuke Skywalker… oh, just go there.

Steven Spielberg is reputed to have wept at a screening of the last Star Wars movie. I wonder if the reported reason “I was so moved” is accurate. “Thank God it’s over” strikes me as potentially being more accurate.

Yes, master
2005-05-10— Posted by: allegra

Ah, my internets are running again, thanks to the tall and toned Keith. And Mike. And Jeff. I freaking need an army of tech supporters.

Pic is from the CBC website, it’s a picture of Gilles Duceppe and Stephen Harper. Is it just me, or does Stephen Manboobs Harper seem to have mucho mojo over Gilles Duceppe? Or are Gilles’ Duceppe’s eyes rolling back in his head because, in the haze of putrescine, he’s forgotten the English for “Your breath could knock a buzzard off a garbage truck?” Email your speculations to me.

Yesterday, Keith got his “Yes, you are a voter” card in the mail. There are now four registered voters in this household and you bet your ass we’re voting in the next election, however many of them our duly elected troughers are going to schedule.

I ate pan fried oysters for breakfast, and you didn’t.

One of my coworkers TICKLED me yesterday. I hadn’t been tickled in so long I just about catapulted outta my chair.

Another one of my coworkers whispered to me in a meeting yesterday, “Must… control… fist… of death!” To which my response was “Must … control…. girlish giggle” which under the circumstances was a lot more accurate. I didn’t want to pound anybody yesterday. I am filled with lovingkindness.

Okay, I’m not filled with lovingkindness, but I understand that it’s a great thing to be filled with, like lemon custard.

At the risk of being politically incorrect, I was reading an article in one of the major US dailies, online, and a popup screen said Skunk, Chronic, Schwag. Then it showed a picture of a chopped green substance. Looked sort of like fines herbes, fresh. With alfalfa sprouts mixed in. Then it said something about marijuana. And I felt sad for the children of the US; the antidrug people don’t even put pix of real drugs in the antidrug ads. So if kids see these ads, instead of being filled with the notion they should quit smokin dat chronic blunt yall, they will be thinking that adults are morons. And you know what? she asked rhetorically, thinking of nuclear leaks, 300 billion spent in Iraq, the junk bonding of GM and Ford, the environmental degradation, pine beetle infestations, the plummeting civility of Vancouver drivers, the price of gas, and the fact that I kicked my own flesh out of bed at an ungodly hour yesterday because my intertnet wasn’t running…. they’d be right. PS it was the router.

mothers day
2005-05-10— Posted by: allegra

John is claiming that he’s offended that I didn’t mention what I got for mother’s day. Okay, he BOUGHT ME LUNCH. And Katie too.

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