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2005-05-11— Posted by: allegra


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2005-05-11— Posted by: allegra

Tom U brought me tea all the way from Darjeeling. I went on the internet because I couldn’t believe that the name of it was for real (tippy? Flowery?), and discovered that it was, no word of a lie, the BEST Darjeeling Orange Pekoe. Given Tom U’s perfectionism, which is, palimpsest-wise, a large part of what makes him both so annoying and so charming, I don’t suppose he’d hand carrying anything BUT the best back from India. I like the fluorescent orange label though.

The tea I haven’t actually drunk any of yet.

Pictured, and this pic is copyright Terry Moore and don’t you forget it, is Tambi the magnificent. She’s, uh, picking up a friend. Yeah, that’s right. For any Dunnett or Buffy fans reading this, picture a comic novel where the personalities, dialogue and situations are as heartstoppingly good, and then go there – Terry Moore’s Strangers in Paradise. I will loan the digests out if I have to, but the kids and John hate it when I let em out of the house. Only thing that I’ve seen that comes close is Art Spiegelman’s Maus, and that’s kind of a special case, being the best holocaust memorial ever. Okay, I’m prejudiced. But it’s damned good and I can’t recommend it enough, and I thank Alan the Microserf for exposing me to it – as I bless Mike M for upending me head first in SIP.

The ****ing computer has been occupying much of my personal buffer space of late; this morning it casually announced that it was making 17 Windows updates, which crashed halfway through when, alas, there was no more space on D drive. I scraped a bunch of mold, ah, files, off the drive and the updates merrily proceeded, but every five minutes it anxiously reminds me to restart my computer.

Katie visited the sick yesterday. Her buddy Maria was clobbered in a car accident – I believe I mentioned it back in February – and she’s long since out of the coma and in rehab now, still in hospital. She’s expected to make a good recovery.

Hope to see the Bordello Brothers at the Cottage on Thursday. Other folks may dislike the venue but the food rocks large.

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