The first gay marriage in the family data base

I love my mother
2005-05-01— Posted by: allegra

Yeah, I know, it’s kind of old news, but I have a new reason. My mother just emailed me, and I have to quote from it because it is SO beautiful and subtle….start quote

It's been interesting.  I have eaten too much, not slept enough, experienced the tail-end (one hopes) of a Saskatchewan winter, communed with four cats, been principle photographer at a wedding, spent a lot of time at a hospital.  I kept up with your blog and heard from David a lot but not enough.  I am collecting up Graeme's family history to put into the family data base.  He is now your first cousin once removed by marriage.

End Quote. So let the haters hate – I don’t care. My mother is placidly including a same sex marriage in the family annals / genealogy, and that’s exactly the way it should be. Welcome to the 21st C.

May day, May day
2005-05-01— Posted by: allegra

This is Samil the Tigron; the pic is copyright Agence France Presse and Michel Riopa took it. Agence France Presse sues people if they make money off their pictures; they whacked Google recently, which made me laugh, as half the cute animal pictures I’ve ever posted here were AFP. Sue me! I need the entertainment. They’re gonna have to repo Paul’s shoes if they want to find any boodle around here.

Anyhoo, I am currently in a Very Bad Mood. I am hoping a restorative cuppa and the prospect of Paul going to work within the next hour will return me to my normally cheerful, or at least neutral, state of mind. Then I’m off to pretend I am a member of the working class. It’s been bloody years since I marched in a May Day parade. And dratitall, none of my dyes are clean. Oh well.

One of my correspondents, who attended a recent U2 concert, informs me that when Bono asked the audience to call the PM’s office, the phone number that went up on the screen first was 615 instead of 613. (They did correct it). I am sure some manicurist in Tennessee is wondering why all these crazy Canucks are calling to yell at her about the 3rd world debt sitch. Technology is a fickle friend, folks. Sometimes the receiving end (think depleted uranium) isn’t much fun.

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