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2005-05-05— Posted by: allegra

This is Jim P my double first cousin in common-law and a geoduck. Pronounced Gooeyduck. I have no idea why. Anyway, these are alleged to be mighty fine eating. Personally I like the facial expression.

Today is Nita’s 19th b-day. Have a wonderful time, doll!

2005-05-05— Posted by: allegra

This is a newborn Bengal Tiger from a zoo in Indonesia.

Who would do such a thing?
2005-05-05— Posted by: allegra

Liz…. WHAT is the meaning of this outrage. Pope Benedict is a kindly old guy who likely has an interesting range of prostate symptoms. He’s following after “My Charisma outshines my Three Tiered Crown Wojtyla” which ya gotta admit is not a fun place on the playbill AND St Ambrose’s prediction says Ben’ll be the third last pope before the world gets an enema so it’s like hurry up and get your sheep herded, boy, cause the lord’s branging down the storm soon.

And some louse of an Italian – a cockroach among humankind – puts a really badly scanned picture of his face into a mockup of a Nazi uniform. Look, I freaking well did what people told me when I was sixteen, and I tried to work faster if they were carrying guns. The Lord sent him a finger infection so he never had to fire a gun and he ran away, that last year of the war, as sensible lads in his situation would if they could get away with it. Personally nothing about his war record makes me unhappy with Ben.

It’s just a nasty picture, and I think sad thoughts about changing his ways at the “ritale” who did it. I am only posting it so you can see the kind of calumny the new Pope is being subjected to, and to let you know that the Italian government shut the site down.

Okay, if I was consistently playing anarchist I would at this point say “Screw the Pope” but there are several problems with this approach. I’m not happy with the Pope, but I don’t think he should be subjected to any more ridicule than I get from, say, my immediate family, which, were he to get it, would probably cause him to croak and necessitate another Election. On the other hand, what is the Italian government doing stifling art and free expression??? Not that this picture comes anywhere close to being art. I don’t know which side of this divide I should jump to. Should I go with the “Don’t Disrespect the Pope, he is the spiritual leader of one person in six on this planet”, or should I go with, “Why not have a little fun???”

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