not enough sleep
2005-05-04— Posted by: allegra

It’s 4:26 in the morning, and I’m up staring at this expanse of brilliant white and contemplating the collapse of civil society. I just deleted this next paragraph because it’s work related. Sigh. The bread maker is making its thumpus bumpus noises. Kira is leaning over from the edge of the couch onto my shoulder and letting me know her feelings about breakfast. I have reminded her that she don’t get breakfast until she sits in my lap for a while.

I miss Bounce. If you’re not allergic and don’t hate them, a lap kitty is a fine accompaniment to a writer’s life.

Mind you, what woke me up was the itching from a fleabite, courtesy of the same cats… Domesticating felines had its downside.

Feminine protection
2005-05-04— Posted by: allegra

Love the purse. That would go over big on Fetish Night.

I wish I had the real name of the man who said in a post to Rawstory.com “The truth is an oiled, spastic newt.” I’d kill to have thought of that first.

Science action figures
2005-05-04— Posted by: allegra

Sorry, no pix.


Mum, I saw this and thought of you. Specially given your fondness for two of the Steves….

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