Chor Leoni

Chor Leoni
2005-06-21— Posted by: allegra

Ma. Ma… I had about 20 “I wish my parents were here” moments last night. 45 beautiful voices singing about opera (pianissimo…FORTISSIMO… pi zzi ca to cresCENDO!) and then That’s Amore, and the Funiculi Funicula song, and it opened and closed with Comedy Tonight, and the triumphal march from Aida was in there, and they sang Send in the Clowns, and the back up band included a freaking amazing guy on violin, a really good bassist, oh, hell, they were all good… but there was a mandolin! and the costumes were absolutely hilarious (all these guys wearing Roman style costumes, but one of the togas was… a sleeping bag). 30 guys wandering on stage with violin cases and black suits and snap brim fedorae. Sigh. And a really silly audience participation song (which they only do once a year) Honestly, you would have loved it. Promise me you and pOp will go to see them in Victoria this summer, you WILL not regret it. I have seen them six times now, and they are always amazing. And the guest singers were amazing; may I draw your particular attention to Mariatheresa Magisano, whose unabashedly operatic name belongs to a Juilliard trained soprano who hails from Montreal. She combines angelic features, the luscious mezzo frame, a soaring, effortless and joyous voice and gutbusting physical comedy skills. As always the ‘showmanship’ was great and the audience was practically giddy as we strolled out to our cars under a full moon which danced amid beautiful noctilucent clouds….

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