I am so choked
2005-06-20— Posted by: allegra

May the pilots of Air Canada go to hell and keep a place warm for me. Whatever the hell happened to ‘buy the airplane your neighbors build”???? Boeing aircraft are safe and well built but NOOOO Air Canada pilots are paid by the weight of the aircraft, and since Boeing is making them lighter, they want to stick with the heavier Airbuses. Somebody should slap those guys (excuse me – I’d reason with them but there have to be some neurons on the other end).

I have other Air Canada news, but I’ll keep it cryptic. NorthWest Contract = Delta Contract, and I refer you back to a previous blog.

In other news, when Katie isn’t studying for her Provincial, she’s watching Angel.

Keith applied for a bunch of jobs yesterday. It’s grindingly slow.


2019 called and said that Boeing aircraft suck

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