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Crypto Cat
2005-06-16— Posted by: allegra

There’s a kid’s page for the NSA! Isn’t that cool? This is Crypto Cat. I can’t make this crap up.

Did you know that the mere presence of encryption software on your computer indicates criminal intent in the state of Minnesota? And did you know that within this past week, the first gay military wedding and the first gay divorce took place in Canada? Man, that would be a great thing to have on your resume, the wedding photographer at the first gay military wedding. If it was the first one in the world somebody would have said so, so now I’m trying to figure out where the first gay military wedding was. Swedes! I betcha it was those Swedes!

Did you know that Belgians have one of the highest rates of consumption of child pornography in the world? I would have thought with all that beer and chocolate they would have better things to do with their time.

Katie has a provincial exam in social studies on June 21st, wish her luck… and Keith graduates tomorrow. Sigh.

Paul is back, and being exceedingly Paul like.

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