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I scan mostly for good news about science, as the tone is irrepressibly upbeat. (Makes the donors and funders and sponsors and overseers and taxpayers happy). So I finally saw some nanotech news that made -me- happy; as far as I can tell somebody’s come up with a modelling tool that actually works for custom building nanocrystals without which we can’t have littler processors.

It works, as far as I can understand it, which is nae far at all, by being able to predict the dielectric of a nanocrystal based on its size, surface area and the base material. Anyway, I am going to follow the careers of the gentlemen who ran the labs and the computational horsepower and the software because I suspect that they and intelligent backers are going to be able to commercialize something within 4 – 7 years. And the pictures were purty! What a sap I am!!

Have a lovely evening all.

I shouldn’t have had that hamburger for lunch.

I really wish I could talk about work, but the interesting customer interaction all ended well and a BIg BEEG shout out to Debbie D for her amazing catch.

I don’t really want to say goodbye, I’m just stooging around in the doorway.

Paul has gone flying with Dan P.

The kids have disappeared into Angel’s bosom. Keith brought home the second Volume of League of Extraordinarary Gentlemen and frankly it’s nowhere near as good as the first one.

With respect to media I may say that the prospect of Batman Begins beguiles and Serenity makes me smile in anticipation.

And I’ve gotta get back to Jeff’s place. I wish to sail to that country …

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