little to report

little to report
2005-06-19— Posted by: allegra

Brief correcting note – the last line out of the last post was mine, not Alex’s.

When I first started hanging out with Paul, he used to sing, “You ask me why I don’t say much, that’s because I don’t have much to say,” which about covers it. I’ve had my coffee so I can’t go back to bed. But I really feel like lazing around, so I think I will.

Paul is off to work shortly.

Happy Hallmark card day to you all. Hey Ma, tell pOp that I did get him a card but forgot to mail until yesterday. The review board, aka the family, approved, and hopefully he will too…. still no word on the computer parts…

Hm. I actually do feel motivated to do something – I see spider webs all over the place and think I will remove them.

I was unduly harsh about the LXG comic. The funniest part is not the comic part, which is frankly narsty and colored in a fashion I don’t like, but the ‘text intermission’ at the end, which is a tour of all of the imaginary places extant at the turn of the 20th century, like the Island of Dr. Moreau, and the Lost World, and Arkham, etc. The descriptions of these places are quite dry and quite amusing, and you have to really be paying attention to catch all of the references.

I have learned the extent to which cats are creatures of habit. I bought them new food dishes and while Zeek! was okay after I jammed his face into the dish repeatedly, Kira has decided that she wants her old dish back. Okay, eat mice, see if I give a flying fig. I mean, you should see, or not see, the old dish. It was impossible to clean, and cat food dried onto its surface in such a fashion that even if you soaked it in hot water for half an hour it was still a bear to clean. Let me give you a hint. It was so disgusting that John CLEANED it while he was doing cat care for us one weekend. People who know us will understand the significance of this.

So I gave up and got stainless, and now the cats are freaking out about how weird and shiny their dishes are. Shown is another grad picture, this time with the star. Doesn’t he clean up nice? Paul looks charming as well.

I think Harry Potter is out today? I must go acquire it. Dibs!

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