4 thoughts on “I’m glad they grounded this airplane….”

  1. NO, it was vibrating, and they used seatbelts to make it quit vibrating so bad. It was a Chinese airline, and when it landed someplace in Germany the mechs just about stroked out. They grounded the airplane, thank the blessed Virgin. They had PAYING PASSENGERS on this flight, and if I recall the story correctly this was only one of the engines that was cooked.

  2. Wow. That’s just about as bad as the engine earing people and spitting out the belts. Reminds me of other engines – which ate seagulls…


  3. that would be eating…..

    And as for the engine that ate seagulls, remember when I moved to Montreal and I met a guy down the street, and saw a bit of Air Force memoribilia on his wall, and started asking him some questions?

    So the engine on the Argus that Dad was on in Ireland, which nearly crashed when it ingested a flock of seagulls, was cleaned out by this guy, who turned out to be a base mech who got shipped off to Ireland to deal with the mess. He said it was the single most disgusting thing he’d ever had to deal with, as of course, as bad as it was when Dad was on the plane, that was nothing compared to ripping ripened seagull entrails from the engine afterwards. God bless airplane mechanics!

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