Had a second realtor through here today. I must say I prefer this one over the previous one; especially when he cut to brass tacks almost immediately and laid it all out. He confirmed what Paul and I are already thinking, that spending a nickel more than paint and upstairs broadloom would be insanity. Also, and interestingly, he figures that he’ll get out of the all of the houses/condos he owns in or before 2009.

Hrrm. Says Allegra. See previous posts, if you want an idea how I am thinking about this. Current notion is that we anticipate (ernh, who the hell knows) a four person household within about 2 ks of here, most likely closer rather than farther away from the airport. Katie…. ah well. Not much to say there; I spoke to her briefly today and she isn’t coming home tonight and will likely not come home tomorrow.

It’s snowing….

I was thinking about hanging up laundry later, but I  think mebbe not.

We saw Mike and Heather last night, they seem to be doing well considering how hard they are both working.  Dr. Filk and Keith accompanied me.  That was the first time I’ve felt good enough to actually walk over there, so we walked there and back again; we left a bit early as Mike had to work the next day, poor guy.  The paraesthesia is no better, but my mobility has improved tremendously; I can bend and twist a lot better than I could at Christmas.

Keith found the bag downstairs at Mike and Heather’s and started kicking it.  It’s difficult to describe the noise; the whole house quivered uneasily.  Keith had a particularly fine sparring session at club the other night.

Keith has registered with an agency to get film extra work this summer.  We shall see how he does.

The great chain of beer continues to expand; Burnt exposed me to Cutthroat Pale Ale, and I exposed Mike to it.  He was favourably impressed.

Wilfred Hyde-White figured prominently in my dreams last night.  He kept making guest appearances and making droll English noises.