Mixed fog and sun

We’re certainly getting a lot of February fog. Right now it’s burning off and you can see the blue sky peeping through to the west.

The bruise on my leg from where the muscle snapped is now a tiny little blue smudge. It’s still tender but I am not having any trouble walking.

I have finished the first draft of all of my coworker Valentines! There are 115 of them, including such heartfelt declarations as:

Love is like an hourglass, with the penis filling up as the brain empties. Happy Valentine’s Day to a ‘special’ coworker.


O Canada, where a culturally Christian atheist can send a culturally Muslim atheist a card which is in part the celebration of the martyrdom of some whacked out Christian saint. Happy Valentine’s Day anyway to a miraculous coworker.

There’s hearts and flowers, gifts and sweets to show my fond regard.

But I’m too cheapass for that stuff, so here’s your V-Day card.


Beer is cold, cocoa’s hot,

I’m sending you this

cause I like you a lot.

Happy Valentine’s Day