2 thoughts on “Some funny / scary / odd links”

  1. Couldn’t open the painted hands, without doing strange things to my system and I have learned not to do that; the Norwegian rail line lacking visible means of support is creepy; the vanity plates are by turn obscene, profane and scatological and usually funny – wonder how many accidents they cause when people try to read them; and the tree frog in amber is evidence that amphibians, once thought to be merely imperfect mammals, have lasted a lot longer than most mammals. Did you know that Victoria is waging all-out war on the invasive bullfrog?


  2. Bullfrogs are yummy. Somebody should start a business.

    But remember, bullfrog eggs and tadpoles are very beloved food of Great Blue Herons. Let them deal with the babies and get Boy Scouts to deal with the rest.

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