I am completely freaked out about a telephone conversation I had the other day, and all I can do is wait until I talk to the right person and get the story straight.   Phew, okay, that’s dealt with.  I should freak out more slowly or something.  Better now.
In the meantime, I’m the cic at work today and possibly tomorrow, everybody in tech has the crud, and I’m only finished printing out about 1/10th of my company Valentine cards. WHICH I’ll have you know I’m doing at home; I’m not scamming company resources to do it.
After sober consideration I have to give one to the CEO and the CFO, because both have them have spent money on food for me, and you have to acknowledge these things.  And actually the CEO bought me beer one time when I tagged along for a drinking session (hrr…) so he’ll get a really nice one.

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