5 thoughts on “Best prank I’ve seen in ages / Fire Fire Fire / Reclaim your childhood brain”

  1. Hilarious! This is the best office prank I’ve ever seen! Surprisingly, most of them weren’t completely disorientated, they knew where their office should have been.

  2. Re: Reclaim your childhool brain. Besides the DNA factor, no wonder your kids are smart! I can imagine all the interesting things they have been exposed to growing up.

  3. I sure hope that the story about the lawyer and the cigars is true. And this is from a former lawyer.

  4. Indeed. I dunno if if it’s true or not. All I know is when you try to screw the system, the ‘bloody pendulum of vengeance’ is likely to whack you in the butt.

  5. And having just resigned from an insurance corporation, I can tell you that’s totally the tack they would take. The arson charge seems clever, on the face of it, but (a) more provable than fraud, because the insured admits to the fires and (b) that’s exactly how you would be charged if you set fire to your house to collect the insurance money.

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