Geezer Dome


First Geezer says, “I’m not quite sure why I’m here. Can I leave yet?”

Second Geezer says, “I thought I knew why I was here, I was hoping I could figure it out from context once I got here!”

First Geezer says, “Perhaps we should repair to the closest tea shop and consider our options.”

Second Geezer says, “All these people look like they’re expecting us to fight.”


First Geezer says, “Maybe we can fight in Algebra.”

Second Geezer says, “I’d prefer to fight hypothetically.”

First Geezer says, “Still holding out for tea.”

Second Geezer links arms with First Geezer, “Now I remember, I wanted to tell you there are now TWO slugs on the downstairs bathroom floor, carefully watched over by a spider!”


still giggling

so…. Dave and I were missing each other on Skype and finally we connected. I spent… it feels like I spent the first ten minutes of the call going On and fucking On, as one does, about how intelligent Buster is.

Mookie, Dave’s cat, promptly got up on the back of his chair, put two paws up on the bookshelf, and then, delicate, delicate, delicately extended one claw AND YOINKED DAVE’S WATER GLASS OVER. It didn’t break but Dave had to get up and get a towel. I got to watch the whole thing and instead of doing anything useful like warning Dave I screamed with laughter because I am, not to put too fine a point on it, a total weeb.

Then he jammed his hairy little face into the camera and for one brief second I thought I was disappearing into a tiger’s maw.

There are no eggs in Toronto, at least not for delivery.



Queen Green Screen Meme

The Queen DELIBERATELY wore a green dress for her address. She’s a fucking legend. A colonial thief also, but a legend nonetheless.




@paullicino on twitter is responsible for this gem, which shows the queen wearing a STTNG uniform and addressing number one and Picard



In this picture she is wearing a ‘fucking birds’ shirt with a hawk and the words ‘Eat Farts’


Ethan Kocak @blackmudpuppy has given the world a brilliantly coloured mantis shrimp (tiny homburg hat flying off) PUNCHING A CORONAVIRUS



but Kima has no bones


165 million year old fossil octopus from France.


Isn’t this wonderful? I’m not a fan of the show; merely its surfaces and cultural impact, to the extent that I wrote a desperately bad original filk tune about it, which I’m not even going to bother to renounce since I have no idea what someone more savvy than a girl like I might do with it. Anyway, I likes it, and there were distinct choices that went into its makeup that show comfort and skill.

work in progress

I’m thinking of writing a hard-driving workin’ man kinda country song that starts with the line:
I was born /with Uranus/ in retrograde.
I’ve broken /hard rocks /with my head
I’m an accident that moves around
you better pray I skip your town
Cause people … around me … end up dead.
at this point I should prob’ly mention that Uranus spends forty percent of every year in retrograde and the term only exists because of its motion relative to earth rather than to the sun so it’s all horseshit
as you were!
I feel really shitty right now. Very likely it’s my allergies – everyone is complaining about them in the PNW, but lawks. It makes you question every quiver of your body, which is not good for mental health.