Donald Trump’s month old blog scrubbed from internet – news

well I don’t have much going for me but I’ve managed to keep a blog running almost two hundred times longer than Donald Jerkwaddle Trump


And on a completely different subject, every time Disney does something really repellent, especially around gay people, I snark my ass off, because I have a bunch of hellagay friends who come within a c-hair of worshipping Disney and it’s just… so….wrong, but if I say something I’m peeing on someone’s fandom, etc so here’s me not making an ass of myself on social media but the five people who read this blog KNOW WHAT I THINK

I’ll tread where I please

What’s EXIF data???


The Don’t Tread on Me flag with “Don’t call my employer and say you recognize me in the FBI photos from the Capitol” tagline

I’ll Tread Where I please


OH MY FUCKING GOD Susie Bright just followed me on Twitter, excuse me while I fan myself.


Christmas is coming, Die Hard too

LOL I did a search and replace on a fanfic and all of a sudden I had a Caserole.

Shopping this am; we’re out of milk. I think I’m going to take a break from writing letters for a couple of days until I actually have some news; I’m to the point I’m making stuff up or talking about the news on the telly (which I don’t watch, it’s just an expression)


goddamn this is rich