This TV show is beloved by some and loathed by others.  I am definitely one of the fans, now that I’ve seen the first four episodes of the first season.  Tim Olyphant is cuter than a bug’s ear, in stark contrast to nearly everybody else in the show (okay, Molly Parker, the pride of the lower mainland).  Keith Carradine, who has a major part in the first 4 episodes as Wild Bill Hickock, before he’s shot (kudos for the director to not panning over his hand, the now legendary aces and eights) is absolutely brill; his voice alone is amazing and he bites off two word lines to splendid effect.

I am now going to watch the rest of the show, which has passed into history.  I told mOm not to bother.  The violence, unbelievably foul language (like, from ME, a comment about foul language), the rampant sex and drug use…. yeah, she’s going to stick with Fred Astaire….

mOm, in yet another demonstration of her supernatural cheerfulness, commented last night that if she does go on chemo (it is at this point by no means certain), she will look on it as an opportunity to lose weight.  May we all profit from her example.

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  1. Thank you Nautilus3 for being a stoic example to us all. I have always looked upon a good bout of the flu as a gift from God for the same reason. However, I am sorry to report I am a wimp when it comes to medical procedures — I get light-headed, my head spins, etc.

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