God is a capricious lover

Sometimes you text him twenty times and he doesn’t answer and sometimes he expects you to do all the work and sometimes he comes on so big and so mean.  Other times he seems way more interested in other girls, and right in front of you.  Sometimes he comments that you really aren’t doing it for him anymore.

Okay, lightning will strike me but hopefully after I deliver my homily this morning.

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5 thoughts on “God is a capricious lover”

  1. If you’re going for the notion of god at all. I like to think of ‘the concept of god’ as a neverending source of really cool imaginary friends. I still think daughter Katie’s take was best of all, “God made us, got scared, and ran away. He’s still out there, but he’s got nothing to do with us.”

  2. When I was seventeen I wrote a short story that basically had that as a plot. Blood will tell.

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