9 thoughts on “Humour”

  1. My vet told me that his neighbour had an epiphany. He started to shoot the last chicken to get into the barn each evening. Turns out this is the most effective thing he’s tried to improve the quality of his flock. This is a true story, but something in the jokes section reminded me of it.

  2. You mean that’s not a joke???? Sounds like he went all Glengarry Glen Ross on the little suckers!

  3. Hope you and Nautilus3 have an enjoyable weekend. I am thinking of you both and Allegra too. My Mammogram w/ Ultrasound came back negative SO all my troubles seem to be due to misuse of the computer and mouse causing excruciating pain in my shoulder and upper arm.

  4. Once you heal up, you might try a strategy which I have found to have merit. Get a timer, one with a loud chime, which you can set for times up to an hour. Start with ten minutes, and when it chimes, get up and do something else for a few minutes. I have something like a series of work stations with different of physical requirements at each one. The RSI I was working up to has largely been averted thereby.

  5. thanks Nautilus3. i would start this now, if i could only think of ten things i can do that don’t hurt — i know i should be able to think of 10 things, but then i’m back to i feel retarded.

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