3 thoughts on “v cool picture”

  1. I love this picture. I can’t explain it. I am going to print it and post it on my inspiration board.

  2. I too love it, and I can sort of explain it. Entering into the world of a book, one feels embraced. Well – SOME books. Mostly the ones I have read repeatedly. They ARE like the hug of a friend.

  3. Yes, that’s a good explanation Nautilus3. I think that it would be impossible for me to feel lonely while looking at this picture AND that is why I am putting it on my inspiration board. When Jim and I get through our current stock of books, I’m going to look at Allegra’s “Books” category for future selections.

    We just got half way through Diana’s Gabaldon’s “Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade” — it’s too much for me, love/sex scenes between two men — I don’t want to read about that. Must warn my mother-in-law before she disowns me for my recommendation. The arm pain is increasing so no more typing for me today. Grrrr.

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