lovely, amusing, deadly earnest

Have some clinical humour.

graffiti from Oscar Grant Plaza in Oakland PIGS ARE HARAM

I know I complain but I’m not a Black trans man from a religious Windrush family forced to live with his rellies during COVID in the UK. I sent him a message of support this morning, because whatever my life looks like it doesn’t involve being misgendered by my close relatives first thing in the morning.

Jeff and I took our lives in our hands AND ATE AT IHOP THIS MORNIN’


I handed out Cap Shields.

Kima pulls a flailie down Denman St

Supposedly a rendering of two neutron stars colliding but I have no idea and ten minutes looking for the provenance of this image proved fruitless NO I LIE IT’S FROM

Check out this incredible Rube Goldberg machine WITH BIRDSONG