For Can Con, and because it’s a great movie, and because after the Heavy Stuff I wanted a comedy, I watched the Barbarian Invasions with Jeff.  It is a great film.  I must see it again.  Also, I desired about ten times to correct the goddamned subtitles, because a couple of the times they lacked nuance and verve.
Hiking with Hunter S Thompson.

We dropped by Gadget House on the way out of Victoria, where I found out that my mother had a rubber glove full of ice in the fridge.  If you have a rubber glove full of water, tied off at the wrist, and you put it on a shelf in the freezer, once frozen it ends up looking like it has joints.  I wanted to take a picture of it, it was extremely disquieting.

Yesterday the dejunking was clothes and shoes.  It went very well; I acquired a really nifty pyjama set which is about as sexy as a hairball, but fits perfectly.

There is a LOLcats version of the Holy Bible. God is referred to throughout as “ceiling cat” (which should make any of you who know who ceiling cat is fall about laughing) and I read the first chapter of the Book of Job, which had me screaming with laughter so loud that Jeff was telling me to shut up because I was scaring the cats.  Or maybe that was another time. I do scream with laughter, it’s one of the many things about me which are childlike.

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